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Ninja Blow Gun

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The most fun and easy to use blowgun anywhere is the NINJA model. The Ninja blowgun line is a deluxe, super safe model. It comes with the two most popular dart types, the target and stun dart. You get 12 target darts, which are sharpened 4 inch needles with a precision cone for ultimate accuracy and performance. These are used for target practice, shooting small game, and for dart board games. You also get 8 stun darts. This is a flattened dummy dart that can be used more safety indoors, to stun a small animal, or for the younger sportsman to knock over a row of cans. Ready for your use on the gun are 2 types of quivers to hold all your darts for quick access. This is an ultra safe model with the safety mouthpiece, to keep you from inhaling the dart, an extra foam grip for an extra secure hold and the most accurate shot, and the dart guard to keep your hand protected.


  • Twelve 4" Target Darts
  • 8 Stun Darts
  • High quality precision aluminum barrel
  • Safety mouthpiece
  • Dart Guard
  • Foam Grip

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